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What we do

We create electronic books enhanced with human narrations, in which text is highlighted as it is spoken. Although read aloud electronic books have been defined in the latest epub standard since 2011, producing electronic books with an accompanying narration, manually aligned with the text, is very time consuming and not cost-effective when large volumes of text (like novels and essays) are at stake. By using the latest speech and text processing technology we can automatically and accurately align text and audio at word, sentence or paragraph-level. The resulting electronic books are fully compatible with both iTunes and Google Play stores.

Who we are

Founded by people with a large experience in research in the areas of speech and text processing, Sinkronigo was born from their passion for digital publishing and their experience as avid eBook readers. Sinkronigo emerged from the realization of how tiring it is to listen to long text documents narrated by artificial voices generated by text-to-speech systems, and the non-existence of fully automatic end-to-end solutions to combine existing human narrations with text.

What does Sinkronigo mean

Sinkronigo means synchronization in Esperanto. It represents well what we do and mirrors the fact that our technology is language independent.

Our portfolio

We combine state-of-the-art speech and text processing technology with a deep understanding of the latest eBook standards to create attractive digital publishing products.
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Read aloud ebooks for learning languages

Read aloud eBooks

EBooks enhanced with synchronized human narration

Read aloud bilingual eBooks

Read aloud bilingual eBooks

EBooks with text in two languages and synchronized human narration

Alignment software as a service for digital publishing

Epub3 alignment service

Automatic audio+text to epub3 conversion service

Superlectures aligned lectures


Portable research talks in electronic book format, in collaboration with Superlectures

Buy our books

We produce beautiful read-aloud books in two versions: Learner eBooks and bilingual eBooks. You can buy our books from Itunes, Kobo and Google Play. Browse the eBooks catalog to see all the titles we offer.

The raven- El cuervo
The Hapy Prince - El principe feliz
Christmas Carol learner
The Velveteen Rabbit learner

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